Self-care and community go hand n hand- as a single parent to a child with extra needs, no family and no support system, it is a rare occasion when I get an opportunity for quality self-care without interruption.

If we are not blessed with a large family or support system willing to chip in or if we cannot afford to buy our village (nanny, housekeeper, petsitter, lawn mower, chef, a decent school, a therapist, a massage etc...) then we are the parents left for dead in society- because of the dominator-predator narcissist system we live in.

So, I have designed a brand new system, Mother Lands foundation and villages- of course, in my own isolated, constricted, unsupportive circumstances, it is slow to get going but I have kept chipping away at it with a plastic spoon since 2017 and I will continue to do so until something changes because yes- the entire system needs a total overhaul if we want to see actual improvements

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