How Will YOU Catch a Break While Your Atypical Kids Are on Spring Break?

When you are on duty all. The. Time, you need to take short breaks to ground yourself.

They call it vacation. They call it a break.

Who are THEY?

My kid is already looking a little bit like a vampire frog after just 2 days of spring break. Yeah, he’s been on his iPad way more than I think is healthy, and that’s bringing up all the guilt, and also the dread… because I know this much ROBLOX disregulates him. This much dopamine-rich screen time would disregulate ANYONE.

Yesterday I was working, so I couldn’t really help it. I cut myself slack, especially since there was another parent at home who COULD have taken him out for a walk. That parent didn’t seem concerned about our son’s pallor or bugged out eyes. Today, I’m not technically working, so it’s on me.

I can toggle off his screen time whenever I’m ready for the ensuing shitstorm.

Yes, I’ve given countdowns. But… this moment of sipping my coffee and reading my email (and writing to you) is so nice and peaceful, so I keep putting off the hard stop, and avoiding the hangry blast.

Do you ever do that? Do you enjoy the moment, knowing that the longer you delay, the harder the next moment will be? Maybe it is just me? Tell me in the comments.

Before hitting the screen time OFF button, I’ll get a snack ready for my son, and I’ll do a quick grounding body scan. Will you join me? This is a one minute video and I think you will feel more present and prepared to withstand whatever happens next.

This 1 minute body scan will help you feel more present and prepared to withstand whatever happens next.

I hope your family will find some joy this week, whether you’re on spring break or not. If you want to feel more grounded in a minute, try the body scan!

Atypical Kids, Mindful Parents Blog
Atypical Kids, Mindful Parents Blog
Kate Lynch