3 Reasons You Should NOT Join From Conflict to Cooperation

Would it cause you financial hardship? Can you never make the live coaching calls? Do you see other parents as strangers? Then you won't feel comfortable, so you should not join.

Mar 9, 2023

I feel like confetti should pop out of your device right now!

I'm so excited about From Conflict to Cooperation, in collaboration with Amy Weber, LCSW, that kicks off tomorrow!

But is it for everyone? No.

Questions to ask yourself to see if you should join From Conflict to Cooperation today:

  1. Would investing in our parent coaching program cause you financial hardship?

  2. Can you never make the live coaching calls on Fridays at noon EST?

  3. Do you see other parents of neurodivergent kids as strangers? Then you won't feel comfortable sharing.

We can suggest free options, and we have options for parents who prefer private coaching.

So, who SHOULD join?

🌈 Your kids are unique, and you want more skills to support them.

🌈 You’re tired of feeling isolated and confused. You’re tired of all the yelling!

🌈 You’re ready to change things up and try new strategies to improve the communication in your neurodiverse family.


When you’re parenting neurodivergent kids, it’s not optional whether or not you grow. You are going to transform.

Do you want to do it alone, or in a nonjudgmental community? Do you want some skills to make the path a little smoother?

It may not be easy to learn NEW parenting skills like:

  • self-regulation

  • co-regulation

  • empathy

  • mindfulness

  • cooperation

  • collaborative problem solving…

But it’s so worth it! 🤗🤗🤗

Ready to join?

This small group coaching series is for you if you are struggling with your neurodivergent kids, and you’re ready to dive in to changing the way your family communicates (for example, less yelling).

We are keeping the group small so you will get a lot of individual support. The bonds that form between parents often outlast the group. Also, you can invite your parent friends to join you.

From Conflict to Cooperation

Less yelling and more connection. Maybe not every time, but more often.

Still on the fence? Get to know us!

You can see us in action right now in this 30 minute training for parents: Finding PEACE in Parenting. It's a 5-step framework you can apply to your parenting right now, no matter how overwhelming life is. You can also watch our most recent 45 minute workshop: Unstuck & Understood: How to use connection to motivate your neurodivergent kid.

In my family, the shit hits the fan on an almost daily basis. Read about my values and my parent coaching philosophy here.

"Amy is a wonder of a practitioner. My daughter has grown so much with her support over the past 5 years. She has offered me invaluable parenting guidance as I've navigated a range of struggles with effectively parenting my daughter.

"I've also worked with Kate in her parent support group. She is an open and nonjudgmental listener who has a wealth of tools to help you practice mindful parenting and self-compassion.”

-Sonal M.

"You helped me find ways to deal with my own anxiety and big feelings so that I can stay grounded for my kids. I also gained a feeling of community of parents like me, dealing with similar issues as me, and that helped me feel less alone in my parenting journey of 2 neurodiverse kids." 

-Meghan W.

Your kid is unique… and you belong here. 

Your family’s situation will not shock us. If you've made all the mistakes, you belong here. We have firsthand experience with neurodiverse kids. We each have decades of real-time problem solving to back up our simple strategies.

You're tired of isolation, despair, and confusion.

You just want to connect with your kid. We're here for you. What we offer that's special is small group coaching, where you will find solidarity. You'll learn through real life examples. You'll take home scripts and strategies to practice with your kids. You'll learn simple mindfulness, so you can ride the emotional waves that are sure to be stirred up during this work.

In 3 months, you'll feel better about your parenting. Learn more and join here.